Monday, November 20, 2006

Road Trip!

We went to South Carolina this past weekend to visit my sister and her family. Linda & I took the kids to their first concert. Friday night we sent to see The Doodlebops in their first US tour - Daniel & Emma have been looking forward to this for about a month and they loved it!

For the most part, Emma sat in her seat, mesmerized by everything happening on stage. Daniel on the other hand was up and dancing, singing and going back and forth between Linda and me all evening. I'm glad we had the opportunity to take them. On Saturday, while Michael & Darrell played a round of golf, we took the kids shopping. At Toys R Us, there were Stormtroopers standing out front and walking around in the store to help promote the new Star Wars toys. For those of you who know me, I don't like being around characters wearing masks that cover their faces, so you can imagine how I felt about this. Thankfully my children don't seem to care for them either. In fact, every time Daniel saw them, he'd cover his ears and say "it's loud" - he wouldn't even shake their hand. I'm not sure why he thought they were loud, they didn't make a sound at all and he's never seen any of the movies. Emma just stayed closeby.

Aren't these the cutest kittens you've seen?! Daniel found these ears in Rachel's room and just had to wear them. When I took Daniel's picture, the others had to wear them for a picture too. We always have fun at Aunt Linda & Uncle Michael's house.