Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy 2007, Finally!!

Ok, so we're already well into the year 2007. I'm still trying to get over having walking pneumonia, so I'm a little behind (so, what's new, huh?). For those of you who are wondering, we did not send out any Christmas cards this year; look for an Easter card instead (hopefully we'll all be well by then). I'm way behind on my posting, so I'll try not to bombard you with too much information. Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays . . .

Here's Emma at her Thanksgiving Feast at school, what a cute little pilgrim! The TN Brechts came for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house. We enjoyed their visit; although it was much too short.

After lunch, while Tom & Darrell were outside playing with the kids, Darrell planted his foot and ended up badly twisting his ankle. I think he may have actually broken it but I guess we'll never know for sure since he wouldn't go to get it checked out. As you can see, Daniel and Emma were very helpful in getting him up off the ground (notice Tom supervising in the background?!).

Now for Christmas . . . we went to the Stone Mountain Christmas a couple of times. Once we saw the laser show and once we rode the train. I was very impressed that the little show on the train ride told the true Christmas story - including the virgin birth, shepherds, angels, wise men and infant King.

One night we went to Lake Lanier to drive through the "Nights of Lights". The kids had their first roasted marshmallows at the bonfire. Hint: If you get a chance to go to this, remember to take your own marshmallows to roast; unless you want to pay $2 for just 5 marshmallows! We had fun anyway. Linda & Michael came for a quick visit the weekend before Christmas because they spent Christmas weekend with Michael's family in NC. After the Christmas Eve service at church, we went to my aunt's house for dinner & presents. Christmas morning, we opened gifts at our house, then went to my parents' for breakfast and opened stockings. We didn't open presents at my parents' until later in the day - after Tom & Camille came in with the kids. Linda and Michael are coming for a visit this weekend so we'll get a chance to have Christmas with them.

We pray that God will richly bless each of you in 2007! We'd love to have you come for a visit anytime during the year. Let us know what's happening with you and your families!!