Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to School

Yesterday was the first day of school for both kids. We started the day with a good breakfast at home. After breakfast, we went outside to wait for D's bus to pick him up. Then E and I jumped in the car to get her to school on time.
This year E is in a PreK program at a daycare center -about 5.5 miles from our house and takes about 10 minutes to get there (provided there are no accidents between here and there). The bus picks D up right at 8am and I have to have E at school no later than 8:15am; so, we don't have much time. She was so excited about going to a new school and about going to daycare - I hope she likes it as much as she thinks she will. D has a new school this year as well. This year will be our first experience with daycare - hopefully it will only last for one school year. Yesterday afternoon, the daycare called to ask where D was. They were expecting him to ride their bus after school, but the school's bus was supposed to drop him off there. The worst part was not that they didn't know where he was, but it took a little more than an hour for him to get there (the school is only 1.15 miles away)!! Needless to say, I will be making a phone call today to see about changing that ride time!

For those of you who know the area where we live, you'll appreciate this. When E starts at Camp Creek Elem next year, we'll have to get one of those "house divided" license plate covers - one that has Parkview on one side and Brookwood on the other side.

We pray you all have a great school year!!