Monday, March 19, 2007

Ring Bearer/Flower Girl

My cousin got married this weekend and had asked that both kids be in the wedding. We weren't real sure they would walk down the aisle when the time came, but they did great; we were pleasantly surprised! Amber, the suit looked great - we really appreciate you letting us borrow it. Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal and wedding, enjoy! Some of the attendants took some pictures of the kids as well - I'm hoping to get copies emailed to me. I'll post them whenever I get them.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm sick of being sick!!

When will these illnesses go away?!?! In our household over the past week each person has been sick for at least a day (sometimes more than one person at a time). Last Saturday both kids became ill rather suddenly. For about 3-4 days Emma's eyes were so watery that she literally had tears running down her face all day. She also had so much congestion that when she sneezed, you automatically ran for a tissue because you knew she had a waterfall coming from her nose. Daniel, on the other hand, had a fever that fluctuated between 101 and 103 from Saturday evening through Thursday morning. Although on Tuesday it seemed as though he felt well enough to go back school, his teachers said he mainly wanted to be held all day but still participated some in class (he just wasn't himself). On Wednesday, his teacher called me to say that since he arrived at school he had fallen back asleep and had been sleeping for at least 30 minutes when she called. So, after I dropped Emma off at school, I went by Daniel's school and took him home; where he continued to sleep off and on all day. He basically didn't drink or eat anything all week. He was supposed to have surgery on Friday - to have tubes put in his ears (for the 4th time!) and his tonsils taken out. The doctor didn't want to do both surgeries but I was able to convince him to at least put the tubes in. I figured if they could release the pressure in his ears maybe he would start eating/drinking again. So, he went ahead with the tubes and put in an IV to get some fluids in him. After spending more than 4 hours at the surgery center, we were able to go home. Daniel was a totally different child from when he arrived that morning. He is now eating/drinking again and acting more like himself all the time. Once he gets healthy and strong enough we have his tonsils out. He had a sleep study done back at the end of January and the results showed he has a mild case of sleep apnea, otherwise, we probably wouldn't bother with the tonsillectomy. I'm hoping that if they can take care of the sleep apnea he will be able to stay asleep all night and therefore will not feel the need to come join us in our bed. I'll let you know how that goes when the time comes. As for the rest of us, I woke up a couple of days ago with the same stuffy nose it seems the kids had. This morning, Darrell's stuffy nose seems to have changed into a full blown ear infection. I'm hoping we can all get back to full health soon!